Furniture Installations


Furniture Installations by Metropolitan Movers

Are you searching for professional and cost-effective furniture installation? We offer a team of experts who are dedicated to working with businesses, facility management professionals, and dealers who need furniture services at a commercial business. Sure, you could handle it on your own, but that can take a lot of time and effort that you may not have.

Our expert team can help you handle everything from cubicle installation to office furniture relocation and more. Rather than spending time moving all the furniture around, loading it onto the truck, and getting it set up in the new space, you can focus on business, as usual, knowing experts are taking care of everything you need. We’ll ensure that everything is placed just as you would like, so it doesn’t take time away from the other things you need to worry about.

Furniture Installation Services

Our office furniture installation team is here to offer all the services you need to keep your office working flawlessly. Whether you are doing a full office relocation or making an inner office move, we can do the work for a competitive price. However, we go beyond installing furniture in the most aesthetically pleasing way. We’ll help you get things set up so the workflow is effortless and productivity can soar.

One of our services is assembly/disassembly, which offers extra convenience for the entire business. Rather than having someone sit down with a screwdriver, your workers can do what they do best while one of our expert team members takes apart and puts together all the furniture you need in your space. We’ll make the process as simple and easy for you as possible.


Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Beyond furniture and cubicle installation, we also offer office furniture reconfiguration. If your current office setup isn’t working for you, we can make changes that are known to work in businesses just like your own. Our team has plenty of experience in creating a space that works for you and your business needs.

During office relocation, we take care of all the small details for you. We have the equipment needed to install and take down office furniture along with the proper packaging materials to keep everything safe and secure. Our staff can create an inventory of your furniture items, so you know what you have access to. We always work to ensure your downtime is limited, and you can move on with doing business.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated Team

From the moment you reach out to speak to a member of the team, you’ll be made to feel respected. Our team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced workers who strive to make a difference in their work every single day. Each worker offers the great customer experience that we believe you deserve. In addition to furniture installation services, we also offer junk removal, furniture removal, IT equipment moving, and much more. If you’re ready to reach out to us and learn more about what we can do for you, you can call and start the process.

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